camping spots around sydney

10 Best Camping Spots near Sydney

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If you are visiting Sydney, Australia for the first time or the thousandth time, one of the best ways to make the most of your holiday is by camping.

Camping is an exciting way to immerse oneself in Australia’s natural wonders and biodiversity.

Below is a list we have compiled a list of camping spots around Sydney that are within 100 Kilometres.

1. Geehi Flats Campground

Located in the Kosciuszko National Park, the Geehi Flats campground is the ideal place to go camping.

With a spectacular forest on the swampy plains river, this is a great place for you to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature.

There are several trails in the area, such as the bicentennial trail, where you can go for a walk or ride while enjoying the amazing views and animals such as grey kangaroos and wombats.

2. Bouddi National Park

Situated on the central coast of New South Wales, near Gosford, Bouddi National Park is a good spot for those who enjoy nature and outdoor activities such as walking trails.

Some of the amazing features include steep cliffs, beaches and a rain forest.

Bouddi Park also has a unique plant and animal life, aboriginal sites and is home to the first marine protected regions.

The park’s coastal location makes it a fun spot for fishing, whale watching, swimming and site seeing.

3. Munmorah State Conservation Area

Munmorah State Conservation Area is a part of the glorious Sydney Basin.

This area is a good illustration of the geology of Sydney. With craggy coastlines, beautiful sandy beaches, dazzling ocean views and tranquil bays, Munmorah State Conservation Area is spectacular all year round.

This is an ideal place to set up camp while enjoying fishing and picnicking.

Wybung rock

4. North Era Campground

The North Era campground is a coastal spot situated behind North Era Beach.

This camping ground has numerous bush camping areas. You need to come prepared with your water, food and cooking supplies.

This campground also serves as an ideal place for overnight camping near Sydney for hikers of the 26-kilometre track from Bundeena to Otford.

It is also an ideal spot for surfing since it is located south of the Garie Beach.

Garie Beach

5. Uloola Falls Campground

Situated in the Royal National Park, Uloola Falls is a fantastic nature getaway.

If you are a fan of hiking, then you will enjoy two of its main tracks: the Uloola walking track and the Karloo walking track.

If you are a nature fanatic, pass through the heathlands in spring and enjoy the vibrant colours of wildflowers such as the Gymea Lily.

6. Cockatoo Island

This is one of the great camping spots in Sydney. This is due to it’s iconic position in the middle of Sydney harbour.
Despite the island getting a fair bit of traffic from tourists, it is still a great place for anyone looking for a romantic getaway.

There are several options for campers that include glamping, which unlike conventional camping where you carry your tent and gear, you have all your camping gear set up for you when you arrive. The glamping package includes a lantern, Safari Bow tent, two camping beds, sheets and other beddings and a waterfront location!

With great harbour views, historical walks and many outdoor activities, there is a lot to keep you engaged in on this beautiful island. We have even held some of our Coleman Camp Outs here.


7. Frazer Beach

Situated 50 metres from the Frazer Beach, the Frazer campground has a serene setting, surrounded by the Frazer Valley.

The coastal features surrounding this campground make it ideal for surfing, going for a swim or basking in the sun.

Solid fuel stoves and fires are not permitted at this campground.

8. Bonnie Vale Campground

The Royal National Park was established in 1879 and is the second oldest park in the world.

Bonnie Vale campground is near the Royal National Park’s northern end. This riverside campground has a big sand spit making it an ideal place to go swimming.

It is one of the spots for camping around Sydney where you are spoilt for choice when it comes to activities and having a memorable time. You can choose to hire a kayak, go fishing, take a walk on the many trails in the park or engage in many other exciting leisure activities.

The campground has 74 unpowered sites, and if you are camping for the first time, there is no need to worry since this spot is equipped with hot showers, flushing toilets and drinking water. You may recognise many of the spots here as we have used it for photo shoots and filming on many occasions.

9. Lane Cove National Park

Situated 10 kilometres from the harbour bridge, Lane Cove National Park is filled with a wide range of birds and animals.

It is one of the best camping spots near Sydney, which is ideal for a family camping trip. You can enjoy a walk through the peaceful bushes or relax in the serene surroundings and absorb the natural features.

10. Crosslands Reserve

Crosslands Reserve is one of the little-known areas for camping around Sydney.

Situated near the Hornsby Heights, this great reserve is part of the Berowra Valley Bushland Park.

Some of the fun activities you can engage in here include bushwalking, kayaking and fishing. Kids can play soccer, use the playground or ride their bikes on the bicycle track.

Sydney, Australia is one of the world’s most amazing places for camping. There are numerous sites you can take your loved one or family for a camping adventure. Whether you want to get away from it, or prefer to have some facilities such as toilets or BBQ’s there is something for every bodies taste and needs.