10 Reasons Why Camping Will Improve Your Life

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Camping is an enriching experience for most people. Why does it make us feel so happy? Here are our top 10 reasons:

  1. Camping frees you from distractions and allows you to connect with your mates, family and partner in the great outdoors.
  2. Natural sunlight stimulates serotonin, which reduces stress and improves your mood.
  3. Nothing beats breathing in the fresh air when you reach your campsite.
  4. Camping can help you build problem solving and outdoor survival skills.
  5. Being outdoors can encourage you to be active and exercise (with a great view!).
  6. Being far away from shops and restaurants means you learn how to be resourceful and cook for yourself.
  7. It forces us to escape dependency on technology and re-connect with the natural world.
  8. Research has shown that two weeks of camping will improve your body’s sleeping rhythms.
  9. The freedom of outdoor life allows you to enjoy life and be in the moment.
  10. The beautiful outdoor landscape will remind you to appreciate the beauty of mother nature and gain new perspective on your life.

How does camping improve your life?